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Mr Natty

Mr Natty was originally the cheery moniker of Mr Matt Raine, a classically trained British Royal Court barber and hairdresser to celebrities and fashion clients in the menswear editorial and advertising industry. One day, putting his mind to good use, he struck upon the notion of utilising the extensive knowledge he had gained over his years of cutting and styling the great and the good (and the not so good). The inspiration that struck him was to create some men’s grooming products. How many he did not know, but he knew he needed someone to help out.

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Urban Protection MoisturiserUrban Protection Moisturiser
Moisturising Shave CreamMoisturising Shave Cream
Save Ya Own Skin Moisturising ButterSave Ya Own Skin Moisturising Butter
You've Been Nicked Alum Shaving BarYou've Been Nicked Alum Shaving Bar