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Pike Brothers

Pike Brothers specialises in the production of authentic outdoor and workwear of the early 20th century. Authentic to us means producing garments in exactly the same way as in the original period.

Their garments are more than the sum of fabric, patterns and accessories. They have a story to tell, the story of who they are and where they come from.

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1943 CPO Shirt - Moleskin Dark Red1943 CPO Shirt - Moleskin Dark Red
1943 CPO Shirt - Navy Wool1943 CPO Shirt - Navy Wool
1943 CPO Shirt - Hamburg Blue1943 CPO Shirt - Hamburg Blue
1923 Buccanoy Shirt - White Chambray1923 Buccanoy Shirt - White Chambray
1937 Roamer Shirt - Alaska Black1937 Roamer Shirt - Alaska Black
1937 Roamer Shirt - Blue Beige Check Flannel1937 Roamer Shirt - Blue Beige Check Flannel
Pike Brothers
1937 Roamer Shirt - Blue Beige Check Flannel Sale price$54.00 Regular price$129.00
1923 Turtle Neck - Dark Navy1923 Turtle Neck - Dark Navy
1932 Engineer Shirt - Union Red1932 Engineer Shirt - Union Red
1962 OG-107 Pant Jungle Cloth - Navy1962 OG-107 Pant Jungle Cloth - Navy
1947 Roamer Pant 21oz - Indigo1947 Roamer Pant 21oz - Indigo
1940 Service Chino Leesville - Sand1940 Service Chino Leesville - Sand
Pike Brothers
1940 Service Chino Leesville - Sand Sale price$94.00 Regular price$156.00
1958 Roamer Pant 15Oz Indigo1958 Roamer Pant 15Oz Indigo
1927 Henley T-Shirt - Indigo1927 Henley T-Shirt - Indigo
1947 Round Neck (Pack Of X2) - Grey1947 Round Neck (Pack Of X2) - Grey
1927 Henley T-Shirt - Grey1927 Henley T-Shirt - Grey
1923 Buccanoy Shirt - Hudson Blue1923 Buccanoy Shirt - Hudson Blue
Pike Brothers
1923 Buccanoy Shirt - Hudson Blue Sale price$38.00 Regular price$124.00
1942 Hunting Pant - Blue Wabash1942 Hunting Pant - Blue Wabash