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Pig & Hen

A distinct Dutch jewellery brand which melds sustainability with distinctive aesthetics. Their handcrafted pieces, utilising ship rope, stainless steel, gemstones, and precious metals, promise longevity even in harsh conditions.

Inspired by the robustness of their materials, their designs aim to be as unique as the wearers themselves. Pig & Hen - crafted and conceived in Amsterdam.

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Captain Carl - Black/BlackCaptain Carl - Black/Black
Captain Carl - Velvet Red/BlackCaptain Carl - Velvet Red/Black
Don Dino - Army/BlackDon Dino - Army/Black
Don Dino - Black/Ocean Blue/BlackDon Dino - Black/Ocean Blue/Black
Franky DBL - Black/BlackFranky DBL - Black/Black
Franky DBL - Navy/SilverFranky DBL - Navy/Silver
Gorgeous George - Navy/SilverGorgeous George - Navy/Silver
Gorgeous George - Ocean Blue/Velvet Red/BlackGorgeous George - Ocean Blue/Velvet Red/Black
Icy Ike - Black/BlackIcy Ike - Black/Black
Icy Ike - Velvet Red/Navy/SilverIcy Ike - Velvet Red/Navy/Silver
Salty Steve - Black/BlackSalty Steve - Black/Black
Salty Steve - Black/Ocean Blue/BlackSalty Steve - Black/Ocean Blue/Black
Salty Steve - Navy/Slate Gray/BlackSalty Steve - Navy/Slate Gray/Black
Salty Steve - Velvet Red/Navy/SilverSalty Steve - Velvet Red/Navy/Silver
Sharp Simon COA - Black/BlackSharp Simon COA - Black/Black
Vicious Vik - Black/BlackVicious Vik - Black/Black
Vicious Vik - Black/Velvet Red/BlackVicious Vik - Black/Velvet Red/Black
Vicious Vik - Navy/SilverVicious Vik - Navy/Silver
Vicious Vik - Ocean Blue/Navy/BlackVicious Vik - Ocean Blue/Navy/Black