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Article: Percival: Subverting the Classics Through Quality and Creativity

Percival: Subverting the Classics Through Quality and Creativity

Percival: Subverting the Classics Through Quality and Creativity

Percival, a London-based menswear brand, has been making waves in the fashion industry by offering a unique blend of timeless classics with a touch of whimsy. With their roots in East London's Hackney, the brand is known for its quintessentially British sense of understated style and rare, internationally-sourced fabrics and materials. The result is a range of wardrobe staples that stand out from the crowd, earning them the label "Subverting the Classics."

In this article, we'll delve into what sets Percival apart from other menswear brands, the creative minds behind the designs, their commitment to ethical production, and the future of this innovative company.

A Fresh Approach to Menswear

Percival's approach to fashion is anything but traditional. Their team of 15 designers, producers, and photographers work together in their London studio to create small, frequent collections that keep their offerings fresh and varied.

Inspiration From All Corners

The brand's influences are as diverse as their designs, drawing inspiration from minimalist architecture, monochrome marble, matte black coffee pots, Japanese woodblock prints, and the surreal world of David Lynch. But they also find joy in the simpler things, like super noodles, comedian James Acaster, anime, gardening, and their weekly biscuit rating sessions.

Best-Selling Designs

Percival's best-selling embroidery is a testament to their quirky charm: an octopus dressed as a sushi chef. Their top-selling Cuban shirt features a patterned ramen bowl, further proving that this brand doesn't take itself too seriously. But while they have a sense of humor, they also ensure that quality and service are top-notch.

Production: A Global and Ethical Approach

Percival's clothing is produced all over the world, a result of eight years of trial and error. From London for short-run outerwear, shirts, and embroidery, to Italy for the finest fabrics, Portugal for wool knits, Japan for original artwork and printed fabrics, and China for outerwear and knitwear, the brand has a truly global presence.

Environmental Consciousness

Percival's commitment to ethical production is evident in their efforts to be as environmentally conscious as possible. They're transitioning to biodegradable and compostable garment bags, reducing plastic waste, and working with suppliers that have lowered their water consumption (some by up to ⅔ per garment). By creating timeless, high-quality products, they also aim to reduce the need for consumers to constantly buy new clothing.

The Team Behind the Brand

Percival is made up of a diverse team of creatives who are passionate about breaking away from rigid, outdated fashion business models. Their dedication to producing innovative designs while maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere sets them apart from other brands in the industry.

A Blend of Skills and Interests

The team's varied backgrounds and interests contribute to the unique aesthetic of Percival's clothing. From architecture buffs to anime lovers, each team member brings something different to the table, resulting in a brand that defies categorization.

Collaborative Creativity

At Percival, collaboration is key. Designers, producers, and photographers work together to bring their ideas to life, ensuring that each collection is fresh, cohesive, and reflective of the brand's ethos.

The Future of Percival

As Percival continues to grow and evolve, their commitment to subverting the classics remains at the forefront of their mission. By staying true to their values of quality, creativity, and ethical production, this innovative brand is poised to make a lasting impact on the menswear industry. Their continued commitment to sustainability will only become more important. By continuing to prioritise eco-friendly practices and materials, they're setting a positive example for other brands to follow.

To End...

Percival is a refreshing presence in the world of menswear, offering a whimsical take on classic wardrobe staples. Their commitment to quality, creativity, and ethical production sets them apart from the competition and ensures a bright future for this innovative brand. With their global approach to production, diverse team of creatives, and dedication to sustainability, Percival is redefining what it means to be a modern menswear brand.

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